Pay Guard

Zero pay and benefits errors. Guaranteed.

Pay Guard is like TurboTax® for your earnings statements. Pay Guard audits your past, and present, earnings statements to ensure you’ve received 100% of the pay and benefits to which your 400-page CBA (union contract) entitles you. If Pay Guard discovers an error, you’ll be able to recover your lost wages/benefits with just a few clicks.

For current and former employees.

A partial list of the errors Pay Guard detects:

Wage rate errors

Incorrect hourly wage

Incorrect tenure step raise

Incorrect across-the-board raise

Incorrect differentials

Incorrect overtime/premium rates

Payout errors

Incorrect payout

Incorrect coding of protected leave

Unauthorized use of paid time off (sick leave, ed leave, and vacation)

Unpaid birthday holidays

Accruals errors

Incorrect accrual amounts

Delayed accruals

Delayed accrual amount increases

“Lost” float holidays

401(k) match errors

Incorrect 401(k) matching contributions

Year of service

You will also see a visual depiction of your progress toward completing 1 year of service, for your retirement benefits (pension and healthcare).

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