Contract Guide

Maximize Your Income

Maximize Your Income

A Contract Guide for Nor Cal Kaiser Members of SEIU-UHW

How much money is your lack of contract knowledge costing you?

Our CBA (collective bargaining agreement) touches on almost every aspect of our relationship with Kaiser, yet few people read it and even fewer understand it (including seasoned shop stewards).

Your lack of CBA knowledge could cost you a lot of money, especially over the course of a career. Our guide will make you a CBA/compensation expert and, more importantly, show you exactly how to earn (and keep) all of the money to which you’re entitled. We  introduce you to powerful contractual language, with easy-to-understand explanations, and show you how to take full advantage of that language.

You can read the guide front-to-back or refer to individual chapters as needed. There are ten chapters and each chapter includes a brief introduction, step-by-step instructions, and indicators of difficulty and payout to help you make the best use of your time.

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