It pays to know job descriptions

Do you know the essential duties and responsibilities of your classification and, more importantly, of related, higher-paid classifications?


Every job classification has an associated job description, and every job description has been bargained with SEIU-UHW. Job descriptions contain, at a minimum:

  • An education requirement,
  • An experience requirement,
  • A certification/licensure requirement (if applicable), and
  • A list of the essential duties and responsibilities.

Here are two ways it could pay to know your, and other, job descriptions:

  1. You will know when you can claim higher pay (for performing work that appears in a higher-paid job description).
  2. You will know if you can use your bidding rights to secure a higher-paid position.

Relief in a Higher Classification

If your manager, or a lead, asks you to do something listed as the duty or responsibility of a higher-paid classification (but not yours), you’re entitled to correspondingly higher pay:

465 5. Temporary Relief in a Higher Paid Classification.


An Employee working in a higher paid classification shall be paid for all hours worked (except for relief of breaks and meals) at the step in the higher paid classification which provides a minimum increase of fifteen cents ($0.15)


2012 – 2019 SEIU-UHW / Kaiser Collective Bargaining Agreement

Transfer to a Higher Paid Classification

If you meet the minimum eligibility requirements of a higher-paid classification, you can use your bidding rights to secure a higher-paid position. SEIU-UHW has even negotiated a special exception for its members:

602 2. Waiving Experience Requirements.


The Employer agrees to work collaboratively with the Union to waive experience requirements in cases where Employees can show equivalent competency utilizing a mutually agreed upon measurement tool.


2012 – 2019 SEIU-UHW / Kaiser Collective Bargaining Agreement

Where to Find the Job Descriptions

Note: You cannot access the job descriptions from home; you must be logged into a Kaiser computer.

Click here or, alternatively:

  1. Login to MyHR, here:
  2. Click “Career”, in the top menu.
  3. Click “Represented jobs”, under “Jobs and Job Families.”
  4. Click “Local 250 – Health Care Workers.”
  5. Click “Job Descriptions by Job Title.”



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