Another reason to celebrate your birthday

There is one holiday you can almost always work, regardless of your seniority – your birthday holiday.


All regular employees are entitled to a birthday holiday – that is, Kaiser must treat our birthdays, or the following day (if your birthday falls on a recognized holiday), as holidays. Many people believe their birthday holiday is just another vacation day. It’s not, although you’re entitled to use it as such.

Provided that you request your birthday holiday off 30 or more days in advance, and your request is denied, you’re entitled to 1.5x pay for all hours worked. As with other holidays, you’re also entitled to straight pay or another day off, with pay.

Your manager must respond to your request within 2 weeks. If your manager allows your request, you’re entitled only to straight pay (like a normal vacation day). If your manager denies your request, you’re entitled to 1.5x holiday pay.

Note that nothing prevents you from waiting until the last minute (hint: 30 days before your birthday holiday) to request your birthday holiday off. Doing so maximizes the likelihood that your request will be denied and that you’ll be eligible for 2.5x total pay.


Contractual language:

708 b.) Holiday and Birthday on the Same Day.


If an Employee’s birthday falls on a recognized Holiday, the Employee’s next regularly scheduled workday after that Holiday shall be considered the Employee’s birthday.


709 c.) Premium Pay for Holiday Pay.


If an Employee is required to work on his/her birthday Holiday, he/she shall be paid for the time worked at the premium rate of time and one-half (1.), provided he/she has informed his/her supervisor one (1) month in advance of his/her desire for the day off.


2012 – 2019 SEIU-UHW / Kaiser Collective Bargaining Agreement

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