Our new minimum wages

The 4% ATB (across the board) raise recently went into effect. Get the new minimum wages here.


The 4% ATB raise went into effect on October 1 – the beginning of pay period 21. The raise was the third and final raise Kaiser agreed to in the 2015 – 2018 CKPU / Kaiser National Agreement.

As a reminder, an ATB raise is a percent raise given to all members of a bargaining unit (in this case, the 23 union locals that entered into the National Agreement).

You should know that our wages are wage minimums. In other words, they represent the minimum amounts Kaiser must pay us in order to meet its contractual obligations. Kaiser (read: your manager) can always pay you more than the contractual minimum, as discussed in paragraph 423 of our CBA (collective bargaining agreement):

423 2. Premium Employees.


The wage scales set forth are intended to constitute minimum scales only and nothing in this Agreement shall preclude the Employer from paying in excess of such minimum rates at the Employer’s discretion.


2012 – 2019 SEIU-UHW / Kaiser Collective Bargaining Agreement

So, if you’d like a raise, show your manager this contractual language and and ask him or her for a raise. You just might get one. And, without further ado: our 2017 – 2018 Minimum Wages.

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