Two things you don’t know about ed leave

Education (ed) leave is an earned benefit you shouldn’t take for granted. Here are two things you probably don’t know about ed leave:


  1. You may use ed leave on your days off (up to 40 hours per year).
  2. If you request ed leave during work hours, your manager must consider your request separate and apart from vacation requests.

Our CBA (collective bargaining agreement) allows us to use ed leave during our days off. In other words, every year, we have the right to earn an additional week of pay – while, at the same time, expanding our skill sets and advancing our careers. In addition, Kaiser will reimburse us for eligible educational expenses (up to $3,000 per year, in 2017).

If you pursue education during your normal work hours, your manager must consider your request separate and apart from vacation requests and vacation scheduling. In fact, your manager should go to great lengths to accommodate your educational pursuits – something you’ve probably already witnessed during your time at Kaiser.

Please note that you must satisfy certain requirements in order to use ed leave and be reimbursed for educational expenses.


Contractual language:

868 c.) Use of Education Leave on Days Off.


An Employee, on an annual basis, may use up to forty (40) hours of paid education leave, prorated for part-time Employees, to participate in education programs on his/her days off.




865 3. Scheduling of Education Leave.


Because of the high priority and value the Employer and the Union have given to the education of Employees, the Employer will exercise every effort to grant requests for education leave.


866 a.) Education Leave Scheduled Independently of Vacation Scheduling.


The scheduling of education leave shall be independent of and not related to the scheduling of vacations that may occur in a department.


2012 – 2019 SEIU-UHW / Kaiser Collective Bargaining Agreement

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